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CBD Powder


Purchase your own fully tested, 100% pure CBD Isolate to craft your own wellness.

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Small batch CBD powder from Bear Wellness. Made from the highest quality hemp. CBD powder is a great way to add a bit of variety to everyday products that you already use. Stir it in your coffee, mix it into your favorite lotion, or sprinkle it on top of your favorite snack.

  • Sold in 1 gram glass jars and shipped with full batch COA / testing results.
  • Use it in a variety of everyday products that you already use. Stir it in your coffee, mix it into your favorite lotion, or sprinkle it on top of your favorite snack
  • Contains 100% pure CBD powder made from hemp.
  • Dosage: CBD powder builds up in the system over 6 – 10 days. Because everyone reacts differently to different types of CBD, we suggest starting with a low dosage and increasing the amount that you consume over time.
  • CBD (Cannabidiol) acts as natural pain relief, moisturizes without clogging pores, reduces wrinkles, and acts a powerful antioxidant to reduce free radicals
  • To find out more about the process we use to make CBD, where the hemp comes from, and why people use CBD, read our ingredients page.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in

Know more about CBD

  • What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

It has been concluded that “both hemp varieties and marijuana varieties are of the same genus, Cannabis, and the same species, Cannabis Sativa. Further, there are countless varieties that fall into further classifications within the species cannabis Sativa.” However, it is all dependent on how the plant is grown and utilized. For instance, the term cannabis (or marijuana) is used when describing a Cannabis Sativa plant that is bred for its potent trichomes. These trichomes contain high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid most known for its psychoactive properties.

Hemp, on the other hand, is used to describe a Cannabis Sativa plant that contains only trace amounts of THC, and typically bred for industrial uses such as oils and topical ointments, as well as fiber for clothing, construction, and much more. Only products made from industrial hemp (less than 0.3% THC) are legal to sell, buy, consume, and ship. This single factor (0.3%) distinguishes between what is classified as “hemp” and what is classified as “cannabis.”

  • Is CBD from hemp as good as CBD from marijuana?

YES. CBD is CBD, whether from hemp or marijuana. Most marijuana has a very low cannabidiol profile, however, hemp plants produce more CBD than THC, while marijuana produces more THC than CBD. There are however certain strains of marijuana that are being grown with a very high CBD content. Industrial hemp is not just an ideal alternative to marijuana, but is most of the time the preferable choice for a higher CBD content. Hemp is truly a wonderful source of cannabidiol (CBD), as is obvious from our quality and the feedback we’ve received from thousands of different people.

  • What is cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds in industrial Hemp and the Cannabis plant which are found within the flower, leaf, and stem. Cannabinoids offer an array of health benefits. When consumed, cannabinoids bind to receptor sites (CB1 and CB2) throughout the body. CBD is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is being scientifically investigated for various reasons. CBD is a derivative of CBD-A (cannabidiolic acid), produced when CBD-A comes into contact with heat. The decarboxylation temperature (the point at which the acid chain falls off the CBD-A) for CBD is around 240F-290F.

  • What is the safety of cannabidiol and your Hemp CBD oil? Are there negative side Effects?

Cannabis is an all-natural herb; an alternative medicine that provides a wide range of benefits. Organic drugs can produce certain effects without being chemically altered. Synthetic drugs on the other hand, are man-made chemicals, and most come with a long list of side-effects. CBD is a natural alternative that may treat ailments without the side effects that synthetic drugs can cause. For this reason alone, turning to an alternative, all-natural option can be truly beneficial in your everyday life.

CBD and other phytochemical constituents of cannabis are considered to be generally safe. In hemp’s thousands of years of use there has not been one recorded fatality or major illness contributed to its use that we know of.

  • Will I get ‘high’?

No. Our CBD oils are all made from industrial hemp, which only has trace amounts of

THC, so there is no psychoactive effect from taking our products.

  • Will I fail a drug test?

The hemp plants we extract our CBD from have less than the legal limit of THC, .03%. After extraction, there are less than trace amounts in all of our full-plant extracted products. These full-spectrum oils contain all of the beneficial cannabinoids (like CBG, CBN, CBD-A, CBC, etc), terpenes, Omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium. They work in synergy, called the Entourage Effect, to maximize healing potential.

We lab test all of our products to make sure there are only trace amounts or lower in the full-extract oils, like our 125 mg oil. Although possible, it is highly improbable to cause a positive drug test. We have many government employers, doctors, nurses, military officials, etc., that use our product with complete peace of mind. Rest assured, this product is safe for you!

The 250mg isolate is purely CBD, without the added effect of the other compounds and molecules. For this reason, it doesn’t contain any THC. We offer the CBD isolate because it has an abundant list of benefits just by itself, and some people don’t want even traces of THC for person reasons.

  • Will CBD interfere with my pharmaceuticals?

If you currently use any pharmaceutical or other meds, it is also important that your doctor should advise you on how to go about changing from the chemical substances to CBD. Your medical practitioner is qualified to advise you on the use of CBD.

  • Our Process

We source the highest quality CBD hemp plant starting material, which only goes through a gentle refining process. In turn, the CBD isolate molecules are not damaged or weakened by any harsh solvents, chemicals, or grueling refining process. This delicate process allows our CBD isolate based products to have a much longer shelf life, be molecularly stronger and less susceptible to degradation from light and heat. We source only Pure CBD Isolate in a crystallized powder with CBD concentrations of over 99%. Never synthetic, and never fortified – only naturally high CBD Hemp that has been gently refined all the way down to a single molecule of pure CBD crystalline isolate. This high attention to detail allows us to use the CBD Isolate in various effective formulas that make for practical, essential use on every part of your body.

Ideal dosage

What’s the ideal dosage?

Cannabinoids are fat soluble and build up in the body over time with consistent use; which means that after a few weeks of using CBD oil a lesser amount may be required to gain effects, similar to the original servings. Unlike pharmaceuticals, CBD does not built tolerance.

Every person’s body chemistry is unique, and dosages must be determined by the user. Many of our customers using the 125 mg oil strength have given positive feedback. Because the 125 mg oil is a dose that has helped our clients with different conditions, the majority of our clients have experienced results within 6-10 days of consistent use. It is important to know that finding the right dose is a learning process. It would be best to start low and increase the dose as needed. CBD may work for some, and it may not work the same way for others. We generally suggest experimentation when figuring out a good serving for you or your loved ones.